Teledigm Health Services

Syracuse Area Health is happy to provide two Teledigm Health telemedicine services:
• Telestroke / Acute Neurology
• Acute Pulmonary Care
These services connect patients experiencing stroke or respiratory distress to board-certified specialists for state-of-the art care when they need it most. By combining the high-level care of our medical providers with specialist care via advanced telehealth technology, patients can receive the critical—and even life-saving—care they need close to home.

Telestroke / Acute Neurology

For stroke patients, quick diagnosis and treatment is essential. Our telestroke service provides 24/7 access to neurologists from Teledigm Health and Bryan Telemedicine who work with our doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room and beyond for the expert, personal care stroke patients require.

Acute Pulmonary Care

There is a need for acute pulmonary support in rural hospitals, which telemedicine provides for Syracuse Area Health patients. Board-certified pulmonary and critical care physicians offer expertise that allows our team to care for more patients, keeping them closer to home and loved ones. These physicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.